Nyk's Writing

     Besides writing for this blog, Nyk has been busy with several writing projects. Nyk has been writing since junior high, mostly lyrics, but also some poems and short stories. More recently Nyk has been working as a freelance writer, writing guest blog posts on various topics ranging from marketing to app design.  Nyk has several books he has been working on over the past few years. His hopes are that he will be able to self publish several of his titles over the next couple years.

The Newlywed's Guide to the Sexual Universe

"The Sexual Universe is much more vast than we imagine."

The Fall

"A curse, a tree, a house of horrors. Can anyone be saved?"

Morning Star

"The aliens have arrived...or have they?"

Haunts of Jackals

"Something is killing everyone around her. Who or what will come in the night to save her?"

The Dark

"They are in every shadow, every dark place. If you ever see them, you die...until now."

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